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David Plambeck, 56, who creates - paints, illustrates  and post under the nom de plume “durkART®" has been creating since he moved down to Central Florida in 1999. durkART® was born and raised in Chicago Illinois, and had a very successful career in management in the retail environment. He worked for Illinois Bell then AT&T at their Phone Center Stores for over 15 years until they closed all their stores.He also worked for PrimeCo Cellular. In 1999, along with his partner, made a move down to Orlando Florida. Realizing the wage inequality (of the 2 cities) and the very high cost of healthcare ( he was the many that had to cut his meds in 1/2 for them to last longer - to the dismay of his doctor.) He started to take art classes and market his creations. He was schooled at the Beardall Community Center, Crealde Art Center and Maitland Art Center, in which he still enrolled. He is an artist forever learning. His Goal, to create Happy and Upbeat images. He truly has been effected by by the economic policy of the times, trickle down economics, where workers wages and benefits have been cut and the middle class once thriving is now struggling : Through his artworks and by his marketing and sales of his artworks buoyed him out of financial collapse - Truly an artist of the times.

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