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     Growing up, durkART® always wanted to be around people having a good time. If he could turn back time he would love being in the late 70's, in the alternative dance bars in Chicago, Key West, San Francisco. That's where the people met. They came to have a good time, to laugh, to dance the night away. That positive energy - The music - The lights - The sense of community: He looks back on those days, his cares were few. It was, (or it seemed) to be a more peaceful time.                                                                                             That's his goal of his artwork, carefree, light, harmonious, music to the eyes, full of life creations. Disco music of that era is his muse. During those times there was also an undertone of sexual expressionism, which is also apparent in some of his artwork.                     He wants to explore, using dance music of that time, to splash canvas with happy colors, and see what emerges - "That manic energy" - that's what durkART® is ALL about. He's been in several galleries in the Orlando area and has an international following. 


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